HP FB700 sFRM Printhead only U - L1Q41-67065

The Ricoh / Hitachi GEN3-E3 (MH1603/1803/1903/338690-001) printhead is suitable for HP FB700 / FB500 printers. This master printhead is a robust metallic construction offering resolution up to 360dpi for fast speed and high quality printing.

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There are 192 channels for a drop volume of 30 or 45 pl. This is HP FB700 Scitex original printhead (number L1Q41-67065 replacing CQ114-67019). This printhead doesn't include the sub ink tank CH104-67001 which was discontinued by HP.

Product Specifications

Size: 7.8 x 120 x 35 mm (excluding cables)
Head materials: SST, Pd and Epoxy Adhesive
Nozzle plate surface: Non-coated SST
Number of nozzles: 192 nozzles
Nozzle spacing: 0.3387 mm
Piezo type: D33 Stacked PZT
Temperature control: Integrated Heater and Thermistor
Operator temperature range: Up to 80° C
Native drop volume: 30 pl - 45 pl
Drop volume range: 12-50 pl
Jetting frequency: Up to 30 kHZ
Life: 100 billion actuations per nozzle


Scitex FB550
Scitex FB750
Scitex FB500
Scitex FB700
Scitex FB950


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