Original Xaar 5601 Printhead

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Xaar 5601 key features
  • 5680 nozzles jetting at 100 kHz: high productivity - 9 litres of fluid jetted per hour at line speeds just over 120 meters per minute
  • 1200 nozzles per inch, 8 greyscale levels and a 3 pL drop volume. Exceptional image quality with apparent resolution greater than 2440 dpi at high levels of productivity
  • 116 mm print swathe width: fewer printheads are required for each print bar – reducing electrical, fluidic and mounting connections
  • Z profile: enables a compact print zone which maximises drop to drop registration while minimising time for media expansion between print bars
  • AcuDrp Technology: ensures high quality image reproduction by minimising banding and colour density variations. Complete control over greyscale drop ejection for perfect image uniformity
  • TF Technology: ensures unrivalled reliability as well as improving uniform droplet production for better image quality. Printhead maintenance intervals are minimised and production uptime is maximised
  • Nozzle arrangements and special datum features: flawless stitch between printheads using software configuration and no mechanical alignment required after printhead installation.

Physical attributes

Xaar 5601

Active nozzles


Print swathe width

116 mm

Number of rows



1 or 2

Nozzle pitch (interleaved)

21 μm

Nozzle density (nozzles per inch)

1200 npi

Drop velocity*

Up to 10 m/s

Ink type*

Aqueous, UV

Drop volume*

3 to 21 pL

Number of grey levels*


Dimensions (WxDxH)

141 x 45 x 69 mm

Printhead weight (dry)

320 g


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Write your review

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